Rootella Carbon™ (old)

Premium Carbon Program


Unlocking Premium Carbon Credits for Mainstream Agriculture

Your soil is an asset – and it is worth even more than you thought.

Plant with Rootella, Harvest Carbon. Rootella Carbon farmers receive up to 70% of net proceeds from carbon credit sales.

Rootella Carbon is all about integrity. It adheres to the highest standard in soil carbon credits: VERRA standard VM0042 V2.0.

All soil stratification, control plot matching, ground truth measurements and validation are executed accordingly.

We offer our farmer partners an additional revenue stream without requiring cultivation practice changes.

Based on vigorous mycorrhizal fungi, Rootella® is the main pathway of carbon into your soil.

Let your ground work

Agronomic ROI

Yield increase, fertilizer savings, stress
resistance (based on third-party testing)

Carbon Credit Income

Carbon credits issued after each season. Up to
70% of net carbon revenue paid to the farmer


No cultivation change required

Your ground,
Our work

Apply Rootella®, we will take care of the
rest including soil sampling & data analysis *Information is shared with the farmer

Significant & Permanent Sequestration

Estimated 1-4 tons CO2 equivalent
per acre (3-10 per hectare)

Increase the Value
of Your Asset

Soil fertility, healthier soils,
improving SOM & SOC

General description of Rootella Carbon™ program:

Rootella Carbon program offers farmers and buyers premium carbon credits that are backed by solid science, independently certified and VERRA-approved. Rootella Carbon farmers harvest quality carbon credits simply by applying Rootella at planting. In addition to yield increase and phosphorus fertilizer reduction, accelerated carbon sequestration with high permanence means only one year to carbon yield.

Join the Rootella
Carbon program

JOIN the Rootella Carbon program and start earning this season!

Eligibility criteria

4-year commitment
Minimum regenerative agriculture practices (low/no-till)
Use the Rootella® family of products
Farm landowner or equivalent
Keep a minimal
number of control plots

The science behind
Rootella Carbon™

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Rootella Carbon:
How Does It Work?

Unlock Carbon
Income on your Farm

Your farm's soil holds a hidden treasure: carbon. The Rootella Carbon program holds the key to unlocking it. Rootella Carbon can earn you premium carbon credit income without burdening you with cumbersome practice changes.

Rootella: a field-proven product that LOCKS more carbon in the soil to UNLOCK carbon income.

Apply Rootella®

Rootella's ease of application and multiple formulations designed to fit your needs, crops, and cultivation methods.

Apply Rootella today and start earning carbon credit income, while your soil benefits from improved health, your bottom line benefits from carbon credit.

  • Easy to apply
  • Increased plant resilience
  • Higher crop yields with up to 50% less phosphorus
  • Significant carbon sequestration


Rootella mycorrhizal inoculants boast the highest concentration of active ingredients in the industry. As the foundation of the rhizosphere, mycorrhizae act as a “power grid” for plant nutrient uptake and soil carbon sequestration. The mycorrhizal BioPlatform leads in sequestration, efficacy and permanence, significantly increasing Soil Organic Matter (SOM) and Soil Organic Carbon (SOC).

As a Rootella Carbon farmer you can potentially sequester 1-4 tCO2eq per acre (3-10 tCO2eq per hectare) annually.


Rootella Carbon accelerates permanent, verifiable sequestration
allowing growers earn for their carbon yield after the first harvest.

Program main characteristics

Program main characteristics: Quality, Credibility & Scalability.
By end of year 2023 GWBA will have covered 1.8 million hectares of crop land. And estimates
sequestration of 9 MtCO2eq. in the process” GWBA is currently turning these Rootella hectares
and more into Carbon Credit hectares by following the strictest criteria.


Independent Third-party verification organization inspects a carbon offset program and ensures it meets its standards.


Only one carbon credit can be associated with a single removal of 1 tCO2eq


Groundwork BioAg commits to measuring and remeasuring soil carbon titers on a yearly basis according to VERRA standard.


Rootella Carbon was launched in 2023 in the US Mid-West and is now a commercial program that is proliferating throughout the world’s breadbaskets.


“while plants photosynthesize Carbon, it is the mycorrhizae that permanently sequester it in the soil” Mycorrhizae increase the influx of carbon into agricultural soils. They are tightly correlated with the creation of recalcitrant glycoproteins knows as GRSP (up to 100 years) and increase the formation of mineral associated organic material (MAOM) (up to 10,000 years).


Rootella Carbon program is considered an improved Agricultural Land Management Method to demonstrate additionality. Rootella is an accepted practice change according to VERRA VM0042 V2.0: “Incorporate fungal/microbial inoculants or other soil probiotics”.

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