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Our planet is faced with an urgent call to action: the challenging task of annually removing 20 gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent from our atmosphere, to mitigate climate change. Until recently, this seemed like a daunting goal. However, we now bring forward a game-changing solution, representing a significant stride toward addressing this challenge.

Enter the Queen of Biologicals: mycorrhizal fungi. As carbon’s main pathway into the soil, these fungi are known to be the key ingredient for supercharged permanent carbon sequestration. Cracking the code for producing high-volume, high-quality, and supremely concentrated mycorrhizal products, we’ve already implemented a groundbreaking solution across millions of hectares of cropland worldwide. This method achieves carbon removal on an unparalleled scale, ensuring verifiable, sustainable and enduring carbon removal, NOW.

Yet, our impact doesn’t stop at combating climate change. We are effectively assisting farmers in boosting crop productivity, improving soil fertility, mitigating plant stress, and reducing fertilizer usage – all without altering farming practices.  Groundwork BioAg not only offers hope in the global combat against climate change, it presents a lucrative new revenue stream for the world’s farming community.

Groundwork BioAg

First cost-effective mycorrhizal solution for mainstream agriculture
Countries: Offices in Israel, USA, Brazil, India, China
4.5 Million Acres
Applied globally
Sequestered cumulatively (est.)
Established commercial markets, including US, Brazil, India, and China
Bio-agriculture market (13.8% CAGR)
World’s Most Innovative Food & Ag Company, by Fast Company

What We Do

Rootella Carbon™

While addressing environmental challenges, Groundwork BioAg unlocks new carbon revenue streams for farmers with significant return on investment.
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Rootella® Mycorrhizal Inoculants

Groundwork BioAg has revolutionized the biologicals landscape, bringing the first and only mycorrhizal carbon platform directly to farmers worldwide.
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