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Rootella® is a family of mycorrhizal inoculants that are exclusively developed and produced by Groundwork BioAg®. Grounded in science and perfected over time, Rootella® forms fungal mycelia that attach to and effectively extend root networks.

The mycelia (hyphae) help plants absorb water and soil nutrients. Groundwork BioAg®’s unique mycorrhizal strains and production methods are the product of over thirty years of research and development, which began in Israel’s renowned Volcani Institute (ARO). Years of breeding, research, and field trials have resulted in robust and effective mycorrhizal products, based on vigorous strains originally derived from harsh Israeli desert conditions.

Broad Scope of Benefits

Years of research have shown that mycorrhizal inoculation provides a wide range of benefits:


Yield increase and quality improvement, due to better absorption of micro- and macro-nutrients (notably phosphorus).


– fertilizer and water requirement reductions Reduction of consumption of expensive phosphorus fertilizer, without compromising yield. Water savings under certain circumstances.


Plant durability under stress conditions, such as drought, flooding, salinity or acidic / alkaline soils.


Permanent & significant carbon sequestration Direct impact on four UN SDGs: #2 (Zero Hunger), #13 (Climate Action), #14 (Life Below Water), and #15 (Life on Land).

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Rootella® X

Wettable powder for liquid applications / seed treatment
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Rootella® L

Rootella L concentrated liquid seed treatment effectively inoculates plants with highly potent endomycorrhizal fungi. ...
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Rootella® F

Fine powder for in-furrow / seed treatment
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Rootella® G

Flakes for growing media
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Rootella® P

Powder for dusting
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Rootella® T

Grow packs for transplantation
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Rootella® BR ULTRA

Fine powder - only available in Brazil
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Rootella® BR

Fine powder - only available in Brazil
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Rootella® over other mycorrhizal products?

Rootella® mycorrhizal inoculants are the result of a proprietary process that yields cost-effective and highly concentrated products.  Rootella®’s unusually high concentrations of up to 167,000 viable propagules per gram offer the following benefits: 

  • Cost-effectiveness: High propagule concentrations enable high efficacy at low application rates 
  • Seed treatment applicability: Effective seed treatment requires high application rates in terms of propagules per seed. This can only be achieved via a film coating with high product concentration 
  • Stress-resistance: Rootella is derived from potent strains of naturally occurring endomycorrhizae. Plants growing with the support of the mycorrhizal network exhibit higher resilience in the face of stressors such as drought, soil salinity and pathogens 
  • Climate-smart: Rootella®  enables farmers to sequester carbon permanently in their soils. Carbon sequestered by mycorrhizal fungi is stable and measurable – offering farmers carbon revenue and mitigating the Earth’s climate challenges 
Are Rootella® products suitable for use in organic farming?


Most Rootella® products are suitable for organic farming and have earned a range of global certifications. Please see our Rootella Product page for more information.  

Do Rootella® products contain genetically modified organisms?


Rootella® products contain only naturally occurring, non-GMO fungi.   

Which types of plants benefit from mycorrhizal fungi?

Up to 90% of all plant species are considered mycotrophs, plants that benefit from mycorrhizal symbiosis. Non-mycotrophs, such as rapeseed, repel mycorrhizae. Facultative mycotrophs, such as soybean, benefit from mycorrhizae, but may also thrive under certain conditions without any. Obligate mycotrophs, such as corn, require mycorrhizae to grow optimally. Please see Rootella crop compatibility for a detailed list of all major crops.  

What are the ideal application times and amounts of Rootella®?

Rootella® products are easy to apply and require no additional changes in cultivation methods. The formulations and methods are tailored to a variety of crops and growing conditions. Please visit the Rootella Products page for more information. 

When will I see the benefits of effective mycorrhizal inoculation?

Depending on the crop, soil type and weather conditions, effective Rootella® inoculation may become apparent within 1-2 months. Visual differences may include faster plant growth, heavier fruit weight, richer plant color, and fewer signs of stress compared to non-inoculated plants. 

Can I apply pesticides with mycorrhizal fungi?

Many pesticides, including fungicides, are compatible with Rootella. To ensure compatibility with other treatments, please look at our Rootella® Compatibility Tool or reach out with any questions.  

If there are already natural mycorrhizal fungi in the soil, why inoculate?

Modern cultivation methods destroy natural mycorrhizae, and thus without inoculation, your soil is unlikely to host significant populations of mycorrhizal fungi. Regenerative agricultural techniques help to restore and regenerate mycorrhizae from season to season, but application of effective mycorrhizal strains is important to enjoy the host of benefits that mycorrhizal inoculation can provide: yield increase, fertilizer savings, plant resilience, and carbon sequestration. Rootella is highly efficacious and should inoculate your crops quickly and effectively, to reach positive results season after season, regardless of your cultivation methods. Over-inoculation is not possible, due to plants’ natural autoregulation 

Do fertilizer or compost applications affect mycorrhizae?

Most fertilizers and composts are compatible with mycorrhizae, though extreme over-fertilization with starter phosphorus fertilizers may inhibit mycorrhizal inoculation. Please consult with us for specific questions.  

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