Media July 10, 2024

In Today’s Ag Economy, Who Pays for Sustainable Food Production? No one.
Media June 13, 2024

The Israeli Company That Uses Fungus to Tackle the Climate and Soil Crises

An Israeli company discovered a way to increase agricultural crop yields by means of fungus. And as an amazing,...
Blog June 3, 2024

Groundwork BioAg: A Decade of Impact and the Foundation for a Carbon Revolution

Since our founding, we have known that mycorrhizal fungi offer a compelling agricultural solution to mitigate climate...
News January 17, 2024

Groundwork BioAg Adds to North American Mycorrhizal Inoculant Sales Team

Clayton Lang to support carbon program enrollment of Rootella Carbon Mazor, Israel, January 17th  2024 – Clayton...
Blog January 3, 2024

Rootella’s Journey to Global Commercialization

INTERVIEW: Mr. Shu Yang (Country Manager for Groundwork BioAg – China) and Mr. Chad Miller (AGRivested South Africa)...
News December 19, 2023

Rootella Registration Approved in China, Argentina, and South Africa

Groundwork BioAg Expands Global Commercialization of Mycorrhizal Inoculants Mazor, Israel, December 19, 2023 –...
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